Jen Schichi's Sacred tattoo workshop added to seminar list!

sacred tattooing

The Art Retreat is a month away! We just added a last minute seminar, check out Jen Schichi's Sacred tattoo workshop description below!

Many tattoo artists have had an experience with a client during a tattoo session that is “special, different”, more than just the procedure. If you crave a fresh perspective and inspiration for your tattoo career Sacred Tattooing is a great place to begin. Sacred Tattooing is continuing education for artists who would like to explore and develop the transformational, spiritual and healing power of this ancient art.

This body of knowledge has been underground for the majority of modern electric tattooing’s history. Does mainstream “As Seen on TV Tattooing” seem shallow to you? Do you love to tattoo but feel “drained” or uncomfortable with clients and co-workers? Are you interested in providing your clients with more guidance and support in their tattoo rite of passage? Would you want to learn techniques to expand your artistic vision? Do you want to be a part of creating positive change and growth in professional tattooing?
Sacred tattooing is the new frontier of professional tattoo training. Learning to navigate challenges with energetic tools, allows you enjoy your creation, attract the best clients and build a conscious, thriving business. Whether you want to learn to do tattoos in a sacred manner or improve your ability to “read” your clients, you’ll enjoy greater clarity, personal balance and expanded artistic vision, which in turn makes for a better tattoo.  Join us in a supportive, fun and light atmosphere.