Paradise Artist Retreat: Artist Feature Tony Moore

The Paradise Artist Retreat will be featuring our amazing instructors in the coming weeks. We are excited to anounce that Tony Moore will be teaching at this years event. Tony will be sure to add a new dimension to to the Paradise Artist Retreat expeireince.

Tony Moore

Tony Moore is a two-time Eisner Award nominated cartoonist from Kentucky. He's most known for his work as co-creator of the hit series The Walking Dead & Fear Agent, and for his bombastic runs on such Marvel titles as Ghost Rider, Punisher, Venom, and Deadpool. 

Artist website:



One Shot: Visual Storytelling:

As a comic book illustrator, it is Tony's job to tell stories. One particular challenge that he always enjoys the most, however, is the cover. It's a single image, which at its best should encapsulate the contents of the book. In one lone image, a comic book cover should present an atmosphere and story in itself, and intrigue the viewer to ask "What's next?" Following the school of thought of classic illustrators such as NC Wyeth, Howard Pyle, Norman Rockwell, and scores of his predecessors in the comics industry, Moore will examine and discuss how to present dynamic and visually rich storytelling in a single static image.

Learning outcome:

Focus on storytelling. Compiling and focusing on necessary themes & events.Considering and expanding your visual vocabulary to convey themes. Presenting atmosphere as well as compelling story content. Ultimately, considering how to apply these ideas to conceptualizing and executing visually rich artwork that conveys a depth of story in a single dynamic image.



A notebook/sketchbook, at least. Taking notes might be helpful, and attendees are welcome and encouraged to percolate ideas and develop imagery as the seminar progresses.

Tickets are going fast this year and we will be selling out so get your tickets while they are still available!